About Sumeru Bahuguna & Tee-Off India

Tee-Off India is a passion project by Sumeru with over 15 years in the making, having originally got the idea in 2006 after starting his Golfing journey in Bangalore. 

I’ve been tinkering with computers and developing websites since the .com boom in the early 2000’s. My first website was way back in the 5th standard in school on aquarium fish called CoolFishes.com after my father bought me my first aquarium.

After moving bag and baggage to Bangalore in 2006, I had much time on my hands and would almost everyday play Tiger Woods PGA Tour game on my PlayStation 2 when my father saw me stuck on the screen and took me to the Army Golf Course. next thing I knew I was hacking balls at the range and started seriously thinking of playing competitive golf.

For over 10 years I played all across Indian on the South Zone Junior Golf & Indian Amatuer Circuit and 2016 shifted my focus onto the Digital Marketing space.

Now I can often be seen behind the camera or with my gadgets on many of our expeditions at Aquaterra Adventures in the Indian Himalayas trying to get the perfect shot.

A former amateur stand-up comedian, I have rafted on the Zanskar, Alaknanda, Ganga river respectively and recently got hooked onto treks after having completed my very first trek to Dodital Lake in Uttarakhand.

2006 - Started Playing Golf

Started playing at ASC (Army) Golf Course in Bangalore.

2009-2013 - Competitive Club Golf

Participated in over 100 club golf tournaments winning and finishing runners up in a few.

2012-2014 - Indian Amateur Tour

22nd - Tamil Nadu Amateur Tournament 2013

23rd - Western India Amateur Tournament 2011

40th & 31st - Southern Indian Amateur Tournament 2012 & 2013

2016 - Winner: Prestige Masters

Award for Excellence in Bespoke Web Design

2017 - Working with Aquaterra

Shifted focus and started working in the Adventure Tourism & Leisure Travel space with Aquaterra Adventures & Atali Ganga as the Creative head managing all digital verticals.

2018 - 2020 - Aerial Cinematography

Started using Drones for Aerial Cinematography and have ammased over 100 hours of flying experience spread over three years

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Some of the companies I worked with in the last decade